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Lua is a script. You can use it to do most commands you can also do with CE, but a lot quicker. You can also use it to make messages appear, to force a keypress, set the speedhack to a certain speed, or to close CE.

Cheat Table Lua ScriptEdit

There're 2 main ways of making a lua script. The first way is the cheat table lua script. To go to this script. Go to table, then show cheat table lua script. Here you can type your script.

Lua EngineEdit

The second way to make a lua script can be found in the assembler. Choose tools and then lua engine. This makes a lua that's not connected to the cheat table.

Important CommandsEdit

Important commands in lua are:

Command Function
AutoAssemble runs commands in the autoassembler
closeCE Closes CE
speedhack_setspeed Sets the speedhack to a certain speed
Readbytes/writebytes Reads/writes a numbers of bytes to a certain adress

Fun CommandsEdit

Lua also has a lot of command that aren't too usefull, but have fun effects. A few of them are listed below

Command Function
showMessage Shows a message with the entered text
beep plays a beeping sound
supportCheatEngine Opens an advertising window
fuckCheatEngine Closes the advertising window

How to use the autoAssemble command.

most used format:

autoAssemble([[aobscan(labelyourcheat, array of bytes here) labelyourcheat: db array of bytes to change to)labelyourcheat:
db array of bytes to change to]])

When you find an assembly code that you want to nop out or change without having to search for it again you must open up lua table and use the format above, and write down a bunch of bytes from the assembly code with spaces in between starting at the opcode you want to change the more the better question marks are wildcards you may have to use them if the game uses dma then in the autoassembler change the opcode ur changing to whatever u want to change it to and write the new bytes at db array of bytes to change to. then next time u play the game run the lua table. You may have to repeat the action you did to manually find the cheat but just once this time. And you can add as many of these as you want and build up a lua table for ur game.

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